Serial Trainer

{July 29, 2008}   Let’s Get Started!

Hello, everyone! For those of you that drop in, this would be my introductory post on what I hope is a very active and informative blog.

I’m 34 years old and I currently reside in Houston, Tx. I’m originally from Chicago, IL. What that means to you, is that I have lived in both a Southern Friendly environment with a love for their BBQ and Fried Foods and I’ve lived in the Midwest where people love their meat and potatoes.

I have worked in the fitness industry for more than ten years and have seen every fad imaginable. I have also worked in an all women’s club, which I found very rewarding, then expanded my horizons to work in a co-ed gym. Working with men as a female trainer is a lot harder than you may think.

I’m not a professional writer, I just have a love and passion for helping people. I was working with friends in Chicago via the interweb and decided after they had gained such positve results, that I could — and should — help people all over.

I will include my thoughts and helpful hints here. I endorse very few things but the things I do endorse I am not getting paid to do so (at least not at this time…hint, hint!). I can tell you that I would not endorse anything I felt I couldn’t/wouldn’t use myself or let my own family/friends use.

I’m also bi-polar, which means that I understand how much harder it is to get motivated everyday. I’m not a gung-ho, freak-on-supps, trainer. I’m a down to earth, mother of four boys with real issues and problems that people face everyday. My kids don’t even -like- vegetables!

So in this crazy world, I’m doing what I can to keep some chins up and inspiration at a tolerable level. I’m called the Serial Trainer because I’m also going to school full time to become a doctor with a minor in Psychology and I hope to focus in the area of forensics. It was a playful twist on the term, nothing macabre or malevolent, I assure you.

So! Pull up a smoothie and dig in. I’ll have a plethora of things for you to sift through.


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