Serial Trainer

{July 30, 2008}   no excuses

I wanted to post on this subject today, not only for you, but for myself. Yes, it’s hard, even for us trainers to stay motivated. So I’ve developed these simple tips to ensure that there’s no excuses.

1. Choose a time of day that you’re normally not busy, bothered, or otherwise engaged.

I know that this can be hard with busy schedules but think about it. If you have 20 mins in the morning (even if you have to wake up 20 min’s early) that you can have just to yourself before work, take it. It will make you feel so much more positive in the day if you accomplish a great workout before you even get to work. If it’s at night before you go to sleep, just be sure your workouts don’t keep you from sleeping. Follow it with a nice, warm bath with dim lights and maybe some lavender oil in the water or scented bath salts.

2. Keep a gym bag with clean workout clothes with you.

If you’re someone that likes to hit the gym after work, save yourself some time. Keep the gym bag stocked every night and with you. It will divert any excuses from coming up. “I have mail to check.” “I have a phone call to take.” It will also save you gas money and commute time.

3. Make it a habit.

No matter what you’re doing make sure that at the same time every day you stop at this time to do something. Walk, squat, sit ups, 10 push ups…anything! Your body will start storing this time and eventually, it’ll be like clock work. If you don’t work out at that time, you’ll start counting your kids and wondering what you’re missing.

4. Get a partner.

Knowing someone is counting on you will help you from coming up with excuses. Whether it’s a friend, colleague or accountable to someone. I used to call my friend Brandy every night at the same time while I did my elliptical. The conversations would help me get through the hour rather than staring at the clock for each agonizingly slow minute. Now, I workout with my son who will nag me until I want to beat him with a dumbbell (it’s a joke, keep CPS out of this).

5. Start a workout blog.

This makes you accountable to yourself because you are the one who is looking in the mirror every single day. You want your clothes to fit better. You want that bulge to go away. It’s also a great idea because most gyms will give you one free fitness assessment with a trainer. If you show that to them, they can give you some great tips to get over plateaus and if you’re hiring the trainer, this saves him/her time in finding out your fitness level.

6. Cheat.

Yeah I said it. Have one meal a week you can splurge. A little. I don’t mean eat a whole pizza and then come back throwing ripe gym socks at me because you gained 3 lbs over the weekend. Have a small piece of cake at a friend’s party. It’s OK to treat yourself to a little indulgence. It helps breaks the monotony and keeps a lot of us from binging on an entire chocolate, double fudge b-day cake. Instead of a candy bar, eat a Hershey’s Kiss. Things like this can be a diet life saver.

7. Reward yourself.

Buy a new shirt. Buy those hot new jeans. Show it off. Take a day to pamper yourself. Buy a new pair of running shoes. You deserve it. Make working out a positive experience and you’ll want to keep doing it.

Now…get on that treadmill and stop giving me (and yourself) excuses!


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