Serial Trainer

{August 1, 2008}   Buggin’ Out.

I have gotten a lot of hits on my BodyBugg post, so I decided to add this to it. Awhile back I did a personal online journal and included some pictures of what my screen looked like for the BodyBugg. I thought that I’d include one here so you guys can see what information I really get.

Once again, the BodyBugg is not a heart rate monitor. You’re getting a sophisticated piece of equipment that gives you workouts, meal plans, information, access to real answers to your questions, tips for plateaus. Yeah it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for folks. Is 20+lbs of weight loss worth it? I think it is.

Is lowering your cholesterol, getting your life back and feeling good worth it? That’s a resounding “yes”. For all the fast food and misc crap we buy all month long, this is well worth the price. Stop putting your health at the bottom of the list for your monthly budget. For some, this may very well be out of your price range and that’s understandable, but for others (and you know who you are) it’s more than obtainable.

As you can see by the strip at the bottom of the page, I was sedentary that whole day and did one of my late night workouts. So the strip shows my calories per min spike way up. Most people have no idea how sluggish they really are every day. This strip shows me that I only burn 2/3 calories per min and just standing up and walking around will burn twice that.

Tips to burn a little extra calories:
When you’re at the computer, sit on a stability ball!
When you’re talking on the phone, walk around.
Do push ups or crunches during commercial breaks.
Go for a walk after dinner.


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