Serial Trainer

{August 3, 2008}   Weekend Challenge

The weekend challenge is simple: To get out of your comfort zone! Do something spontaneous today. If you’re a runner, find a new trail. If you’re a gym rat, find a new routine for your muscle group today. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone allows you to do several things. You will use muscle groups that you don’t normally use and in turn burn more calories. You may even feel sore the next day!

Taking yourself out of that comfort zone is also a good way to meet new people and stimulate your brain for a more exciting workout. Sometimes we get into a rut and you may even experience hitting plateaus because your body is so used to doing the same thing over and over. There are too many benefits in changing it up for you to pass on it.

Taking a new class at your gym may even humble you. If you think you’re in the elite row of a kick boxing class, switch it up and hit a Pilates class. EVERLAST has a new Shadow Boxing class they have implemented into the health club scene. I took one and was (happily) brought to a humbled, zombie stumble by the time I left.

The idea is simple. Challenge yourself. If you are constantly challenging yourself, you can only get better. Progression is the key to becoming healthier, happier and more fit. And if you take the challenge, don’t forget to let us know!



Cupcake says:

I tried out a new trail and a new distance – 6 miles (walking!) I had a great time and since it was with a friend, the time just FLEW by!


serialtrainer says:

Congrats on your first 6 mile hike! Just for you, I’m posting a low-cal cookie recipe 😉

Ron says:

I ended up starting some upper-body work to try something new.

Cupcake says:

Great job, Ron! How was that?!

Ron says:

My arms are killing me! It was horrible, but I can’t stop now!

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