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{August 5, 2008}   More Info About the Bugg

It’s almost crazy how big the BodyBugg is getting. It was nearly unheard of until they introduced it on THE BIGGEST LOSER. Now it’s a highly sought piece of equipment. The funniest thing is, people are taken aback by the price of this gadget. Why is it so funny? Well, I’ve said it before. I’ve seen people spend $199+ on an IPod, or other piece of equipment that is a luxury and does nothing for your health. Meanwhile, when the BodyBugg goes on sale for $199 dollars they wrinkle their nose and walk on by.

Are we really that unconcerned with our health? Come to me with a new pair of Jimmy Chu’s, an IPod and Smart Phone and I’ll bonk you upside the head with a dynadisk if you say, “it’s just too much money” I promise you.

Before I go off on a rant, I would like to direct you to another blog who claims to be (not that I doubt but I have no proof) run by a couple of Docs. This is what they had to say. Get the full post [here].

A recent study in one of the leading journals in the field of Nutrition compared the Bodybugg to another physical activity monitor that is considered the gold standard of monitors. It concluded that the Bodybugg was able to correlate very strongly with actual measurements of energy expenditure and physical activity. However this study was performed in a college-aged population with a BMI of 25 (cusp of overweight) so generally these results may be applicable only to this population. When a study was performed in an obese population (BMI > 30), the results indicated that the Bodybugg overestimated energy expenditure for various activities.

Now, it says here that the BodyBugg overestimated energy expenditure for various activities and to me, that’s OK. I think our focus is on a goal number, so what I tell my clients is to remember that in everything we do, there is a margin of error.

Unless you are measuring diligently how much food you are putting into your body, in most cases, we are underestimating. So if your calorie expenditure is roughly 2300 calories for the day, I give my clients a range of 500-700 calorie decrease. Is this making sense?

The other thing you will notice is that on the show it was debuted on, those people lost the weight. There was physical, unedited proof. They worked their glutes off (literally!) and had a precise calorie, meal plan and they did it. It was no magic. Trainers on the show knew more about how many calories they burned and how much they could give them to eat and the guess work was marginally and exponentially decreased.

Oh yeah, and there are no small captions on the bottom of the THE BIGGEST LOSER screens or the BodyBugg website that says “results aren’t typical”.


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