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{August 5, 2008}   Parents Looking for Healthy Meal Choices

Interesting read that I found browsing news about the hurricane. I live in Houston so we have to be more vigilant. I just find it amusing that they are just now posting this when it’s been going on for years but at the same time grateful that they continue do so for parents still in the dark.

WASHINGTON -Parents looking for healthy meal choices for their children are likely to find slim pickings on the menus of the nation’s top restaurant chains, according to a report released Monday by a nonprofit public health group.

Nearly every possible combination of the children’s meals at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Sonic, Jack in the Box, and Chick-fil-A are too high in calories, the report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest said.

The report looked into the nutritional quality of kids’ meals at 13 major restaurant chains. The center found 93 percent of 1,474 possible choices at the 13 chains exceed 430 calories _ an amount that is one-third of what the National Institute of Medicine recommends that children ages 4 through 8 should consume in a day. [ taken from AOL NEWS ]

Every day in America, new fast food and restaurant chains are being built to lure people in. People who are unaware of exactly how many calories they are putting into their body, but more than that, what those calories and chemicals do. Now, this is in no way a ploy or advocation of anyone to run out and sue them. You’re responsible for your own actions in this case. Why would you put something into your body that has public record of what it contains? There are online nutritional guides.
Pay attention to your body. How does it feel once you’ve shoved all that fat and grease into your veins? Sluggish? Tired? Aching? Sickly? That’s not a coincidence.
And did you know that the chemicals that are in those foods cause you to want more? To want to over-eat? You know that it’s very unhealthy and yet you continue to order the Super-Sized Menu options. Why not live another day? Add a day onto the end of your life and get a salad.
I want to show you what your veins look like when they are clogged with plague and cholesterol. Warning for the weak stomachs out there, it’s not pretty:
Am I high risk for getting PVDs?

There are things that increase your chances of getting PVDs that you may not be able to change. These are:

* Being on bedrest after an illness or injury.
* Having diabetes.
* Increasing age. As you get older, your blood vessels become less flexible.
* Long periods without activity, like sitting or standing for several hours without moving around.
* Pregnancy.
* Someone else in your family having heart or blood vessel disease.

[ taken from Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care System]

It’s time that you realized that it’s not just us, the parents/adults, suffering. It’s our children. And exposing them to this kind of health hazard is abuse in it’s own right. Again, I’m not talking about parents or adults that eat out once in a blue moon. I’m talking about the every other day visits. Once a week. Even once a month would be pushing it in my book but things come up. Being prepared for those things and having snacks on hand is a much better alternative.


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