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{August 6, 2008}   Bosu Body: Total Workout

When I was first introduced to the Bosu, it quickly became one of my favorite training elements both personally and professionally. Any exercise that you can do on a stable surface will be amplified if done on a Bosu. Adding it to your home gym or implementing it into your gym workout (if they carry them) is a sure fire way to kick start your muscles into a calorie kung-fu show down.

I found this site and it gives some great instruction and illustration of exercises done on the Bosu.

Some of the awesome benefits of using the Bosu:

– increase stability
– work the core
– strengthen balance
– increase calorie burn
– incorporates more muscles

Right now the Bosu retails for about $99.99 and is available nearly everywhere on the web. The Bosu site has some great exercises as well and I know that a lot of health clubs are now developing, if not already incorporating, Bosu classes. If you’re looking for an ultimate challenge to add to your normal routine, this is definitely the route to go.


[…] Serial Trainer has been a personal trainer for over ten years. When she was introduced to the BOSU, it quickly became one of her “favorite training elements both personally and professionally.” […]

tanyastrohtraining says:

Love using the Bosu for my own workouts as well as my clients. Thanks for the article, I wanted to share this exercise using the Bosu. It’s a Chest Press w/ dumbbells, by extending 1 leg you work your core even more. Check out the video for the proper form!

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