Serial Trainer

{August 6, 2008}   The Truth About “Diets”

The purpose of this post is to address the question of “Diets”. A lot of people have their own preference in diets and so I don’t like to debunk things unless I find them very unhealthy. However, I am a busy mom and I don’t have a lot of time, usually. I’m also a very “straight to the point” kind of person. With that being said, I treat my clients, friends and family the same way. I give them a no-nonsense answer right away, no BS.

The common factor in all diets? Cutting calories. It just so happens to be that the common factor is also fail-proof. I want to point out one thing, though. Eating only just one kind of food or cutting out all carbs for a long period of time is not healthy. Short term diets of these kinds, with supervision and approval from your doctor beforehand is crucial. Underlying health affects can adversely react to how you eat.

So what’s the secret formula? Calorie in VS. Calorie out. It’s just that simple. Really!

Alright then that poses another question. Some of the healthier foods are higher in calories than the junk food. And if you can eat junk food and it’s less calories, wow! That’s awesome, right!?

For all of you squirming in your chair for the inevitable answer, here it is. The weight loss results would be the same — if you could maintain it. But the truth is, you would feel like crap if you ate all junk food and not the healthier options. It’s like putting low-grade gas in your brand new Mercedes or Bentley. Even with the gas prices being absurd you wouldn’t do that. Right?

The bottom line is that you really are what you eat. Processed foods, junk foods, etc. They are empty calories. They fill you up for 10 min’s and leave us feeling empty and hungry again. It’s like being in love and dumped all in the same day.

You want to plan meals that are going to keep your body satisfied and ready to face each day without feeling like you’re running on fumes and ready to crawl into bed by 10:30 AM. Let’s be real for a minute. You want regularity.

The basic truth lies in the fact that you cannot digest junk food all the time and not face health risks. Who cares if you look great in those jeans if you have 3 months to live. Or the quality of life is so poor because you have no energy for anything.

So when you’re sitting there today looking at a box of cereal that has those cute little cartoon characters on it. You know the one with the funny little jingle that talks about being part of a “complete” breakfast? Scoot down the isle to the healthier brands. Read the labels. I’ve seen everything from 220 calories per cup down to 110. The extra calories are worth it, you just have to adjust your meals for the rest of the day. And as momma always said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”


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