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{August 10, 2008}   A Little Bit of Honesty Goes a Long Way

People ask me all the time about diet fads. Those fads don’t necessarily have “names” attached to them. There’s always someone who will ask me about the diets they find on the internet like the “Lemonade Diet”. If you refer to my previous post about these diet fads, you’ll see that I point out that the one thing all diets have in common (and consequently it works, go figure). They all cut your calories. Check it out for yourself. I’ll wait…

Are you back with me? You can see that the calorie count is probably near the same. I can say that you should get a varied diet. Veggies, carbs, fats, proteins — all of them!  You can put as much healthy food into your food basket and if you’re not aware of how many calories you’re consuming, or how many you’re burning, you’re skating uphill.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this but here it goes again. It’s really not that hard. If you carry a small notepad around with you, you can sign online and enter all your food when you get home, or do it right after you finish eating (like I do).

What you’ll start seeing is that you remember how many calories something contains and you learn proper portions. While you’re learning that, your mind is actively aware and you’re not eating what I call “zombie calories”.

Zombie Calories are calories consumed while you zone out on the computer, watching television, chat on the phone, etc. You have no idea what you ate because you weren’t paying attention. Give yourself a quiet place to eat and pay attention to what you’re putting in your face.

I’m not one to sugar coat things, as many of you know. If you want to continue to eat the foods that have gotten you to where you are now, then eat them. Just don’t make excuses. Thyroid problems account for maybe 10-15lbs of weight, not 75 (in most cases, I won’t claim to be an expert). Donuts from Shipley’s accounts for a helluva lot more.

If you can’t devote your time to eating better or eating less, get off your butt and move. Take charge of your life, your mouth, your impulses, your health. A walk is not something that cannot be done every night by 90% of you. ALL of you have 15-30 min’s a day to give yourself..and if you don’t then make the time. Not tomorrow, not next week on Monday. Right now. Don’t wait until you’ve gained another five pounds. Don’t wait until you cannot fit into those favorite jeans. Do it now.

Get your life on track because if you don’t, you’re derailing yourself. You’re setting yourself up for failure. The lower you go, the harder it is for you to get back up. You owe it to yourself. Lift up your self-esteem a few notches and take your belt down a few. If it’s not weight you need to lose, do something to strengthen your heart. Tone up so you can carry more groceries or your kids around. Feel better every morning instead of waking up and feeling like you’re in the body of someone 20 years your senior.

I can only do so much from this webpage. The rest has to be you. Take tonight to sit down and write about what motivates you. Actively put sticky-notes around the house to remind you.

When I was taking my Intro to Health Sciences Class, I took the bus every day to the school. It was a two hour bus ride and the only thing that made it worth while was the second bus I took. The bus driver was this awesome guy who was very social and friendly and always talked to me until I got off the bus in front of the school.

So my bus driver, I’ll call him R, tells me that he used to be an accountant. One day he was listening to the radio and he heard a show talking about the two top professions that had the highest suicide rate. Accountants and Psychologists. He said it was shortly after that, that he had an picture of himself taken and he was pale and he had a gruff, overgrown beard and was growing around the waist.

That was enough for him. He shaved down the beard, bought himself a bike and even put a little note on it that said “Play with me” so that when he passed it, it reminded him of his goals. He started riding every day, miles and miles, eventually.

The best thing about this was that he looked great for being in his 30’s! He reminded me a lot of those wrestlers you see on TV. Flashy sunglasses, nice tan, groomed goatee. I nearly fell over when he told me he was 50..not 30.

But he’s a prime example of people taking the time to make small changes in their life which turn out to be monumental events before they even knew it. Whatever motivates you, find it. Exploit it until you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. It doesn’t take long to get into a positive routine rather than a bad habitual routine.

If you find yourself flipping through channels, Zombie-stare and drool in place, going through them over and over and still finding nothing to watch until that time slot is over and a new bunch of shows begin? Turn. Off. The. Television.

My all time favorite? If you’re sitting on the couch and are watching an exercise show? May your face get stuck in the ice cream carton. Get up and move!


Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

serialtrainer says:

Thanks Jeff! Glad to have you aboard!

Ron says:

Zombie calories? I thought human brains were health food!

serialtrainer says:

depends on whose brain ;D

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