Serial Trainer

{August 10, 2008}   Vitamin Water

I admit I fell victim, too. I love the vitamin water and sometimes it’s just the right pick me up on a hard day. I would still say that if you are feeling dehydrated or need a pep, a vitamin water is much better than an energy drink. I found this on the APEX site and thought it was a great question which they answered. What do you guys think?

Q: What do you think about vitamin water? Is the vitamin really going to be able to absorb into the body. Is this just another advertising gimmick or is there some truth to what they are promoting?

A: (excerpt, read the whole post here) Whatever VM are still in the fluid when you purchase the product will probably be absorbed, but the problem with liquid is that some VM may not remain in their natural state while in a fluid medium, and even if they do you wouldn’t want them to enter the body all at once, which of course would happen if you delivered the VM in this manner. There is a reason most VM and drugs are delivered in pill form: 1) the active ingredients remain stable, 2) they can survive the path through stomach acid, which can alter or destroy some substances, 3) the VM contained in a proper pill form can be released over time as the body needs them. Releasing them into the body all at once (as from liquid or other cheap formulas) would be more than the body can use at one time, forcing the body to discard what it can’t use, leaving you without a steady stream of nutrients throughout the day.

The thing I love most about APEX is their willing disclosure. If you call them or email them, they will tell you exactly what is in their products and answer any questions you have about it. They pride themselves on potency and purity, whatever they tell you is in the bottle, is exactly what’s in the bottle. Their products are manufactured by a Pharmaceutical Company which goes through a strict regulation of their products.

So there you have it, that’s why I hype the products so much. I want to know that there is consistency in what I’m putting in my body. If you remember the ephedra scare, people were getting high doses in one pill and low in another, you never knew if what you were taken was 5mg or 10mg and that could lead to a bunch of other (really bad) things.

EDIT: One more thing I wanted to point out that I forgot to add. APEX also goes through the Pharmaceutical company so that they deliver the products to you in the best way. You see in their answer talk about active ingredients remaining stable? The Pharmaceutical Company will do testing to find out how to best deliver the supplement to your system, whether it’s in liquid form, pill form, powder, etc.


Ron says:

So Gatorade and Powerade and various other ades aren’t doing you any good? Or is that a different animal than Vitamin Water?

serialtrainer says:

I wouldn’t say they don’t do you any good and yes they are total different animals. Gatorade has a lot of sugar in them but if you workout for more than an hour, it’s not a bad drink to replenish what you’ve sweat out. It’s also good for your headaches 😀

Ron says:

What about the Powerade stuff with no sugar added? It’s got a lot of B vitamins in it, and while it’s mostly water, it’s still tasty water. Is it doing me any good?

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