Serial Trainer

{August 12, 2008}   APEX Mixed Berry Workout Shake

I forgot to put my APEX workout shake in the refridgerator so this morning it was the first thing I did. However, it was not cold enough by the time I wanted one. Here’s what I did and the results of my taste test!

The APEX Mixed Berry Workout Shake is very good. I think it’s one of my favorite flavors for workout shakes in general. That’s saying a lot since I love the chocolate flavors as much as I do. I normally buy vanilla just so I can mix them with other things and it’ll take that flavor.

As I mentioned, my workout shake wasn’t cold. That’s the number one law of drinking replacement/protein drinks. Make sure it’s cold otherwise it’s not that great tasting. The other thing is to shake furiously and mix that puppy up. Not only is it not good tasting if you don’t, those “clumps” of powder can be very damaging to your intestines.

I took my mixed berry shake and poured it into a seal tight container with 4 ice cubes and shook it wildly while I danced to some embarrassing oldie song. No, no I won’t tell you which one. (huff) It came out the perfect temperature and smooth as silk.

I got about half way done when I started feeling full, so I’ll let you know either tonight or tomorrow how long that lasted. Remember, if you’re drinking the shakes for a meal replacement, it’s only supposed to keep you “full” until your next meal or snack, not all day. You want to be sure to eat every 3-4 hours.

I think the workout shake would also kick major buns of steel if I added some frozen raspberries! I think I’ll try that tomorrow!


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