Serial Trainer

{August 12, 2008}   Randomness

After finishing my last post, I took a moment to reflect on this site. It has been not only been rewarding to me, but a fun addiction. I feel like I’m able to reach out and help more people than I could just being a personal trainer, alone. I’ve had this blog up for a short 15 days. Can you believe that? I know I can’t. The number of visitors that have, as of this post, visited my site compared to days gives me an average of 57 hits a day. That may not seem much to you but for me, that’s a lot. Especially, in such a short time.

I really enjoy doing this and hope that the site continues to grow because everyone deserves to know how to feel better about themself and everyone deserves a fair shot at getting there. Most times I have found that people just don’t know. So here is your power. Ask me questions, I’ll answer them. And if I don’t know. I’ll find out who does and I won’t lie to you.

Here’s to our health.




losingmyass says:

How sad is it that I’d rather make a(nother) new blog than work on a bloody outline?

Oh, and you can link this one. I’ll keep it clean.

Sweet dreams, doll.

Ron says:

I’m very proud of you for how much time you’ve spent on this, and how well you’ve kept it updated. Unlike my own fitness blog. I know you’ll continue to grow and do well.

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