Serial Trainer

{August 12, 2008}   What’s On Your Workout Playlist?

I love to listen to music while I workout. And depending on what kind of workout I want, I have different music. For a grueling, heavy lifting day, I like Metallica, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Disturbed. For a long run I like to listen to some techno; Robert Miles, Paul Oakenfold, ATB, etc. And for stretching I’ll listen to a confused mess of music styles like Dave Mathews Band, Madonna, Lifehouse, Justin Timberlake. There’s no telling what will be on it.

So tell me. What’s on your playlist?

Current Playlist: (mind you this changes not only in genre but by my moods, daily, ha!)
— 4 Minutes: Madonna
— Piece of Me: Britney Spears
— My Love: Justin Timberlake
— Clubbed to Death: Matrix Soundtrack
— Rollercoaster of Love: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
— Work It: Missy Elliot
— Get Ur Freak On: Missy Elliot
— All Night (Don’t Stop): Janet Jackson
— Doncha: Pussycat Dolls
— 2 Step: Clara
— Here With Me: Alyson


Ron says:

Heh, I won’t comment. 😉

serialtrainer says:

it’s not about what’s on /mine/ but what’s on /yours/ so that other people may or may not expand their horizons and maybe try to listen to something new. go eat a turkey wrap >.<!

Ron says:

If I do the elliptical, I work out to the TV (Olympic boxing lately, or Adult Swim). If I’m on the bike, I read a book. Maybe music would be a better idea, but first I have to get an iPod.

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