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{August 15, 2008}   Strengthening Your Knee

I want to begin this post by saying that I’m not a doctor (yet!) and that I’m not diagnosing a knee injury for anyone. It’s is crucial and imperative that you get doctor’s clearance to do the following exercises (or any exercises for that matter) or else you could do more damage than harm.

To strengthen a weak knee takes patience. I say that because most of us like to dive right into things and take on more than we should. You know, like when you haven’t worked out since college, 20 years ago, and you hit the gym and try to do bench presses with 250 lbs? Yeah, something like that.

With a weak knee, you need to ensure that you can be patient and take your time going through each exercise carefully. Start with a little bit and then work your way to harder or more progressed exercises.

One thing you will need besides patience, are bands. There are two different kind of elastic bands. The ones you’ll need are the bands, not the tubing. You can use the tubing if you have nothing else, but the bands are pretty inexpensive and more convenient as well as more comfortable for these exercises.

Exercise #1:


Secure the band in a doorway or someplace so that it won’t snap off and just above your knee. Face forward with your knee slightly bent. There should already be some tension there. Straighten your knee so you can feel the pull. Hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat.  (try doing as many as you can up to 20 without feeling any pain. if you feel pain, stop immediately)

Exercise #2:

In the same position as the first exercise, turn to your side so that the band crosses over the leg closest to the door. The band should be around the ankle on the outside leg. Straighten the leg with the band outward until you feel the pull, hold for 5-10 seconds, release. Repeat. This exercise can also be done lying down, as shown. (try doing as many as you can up to 20 without feeling any pain. if you feel pain, stop immediately)


Exercise #3:

Sit in a chair that your feet can start being flat on the floor. Wrap the band around your left ankle, secure the other side under your right foot. Lift the left leg until you feel the pull, then relax and repeat. Do the same exercise on the other leg.  (try doing as many as you can up to 20 without feeling any pain. if you feel pain, stop immediately)

I hope that these help you and I will periodically post new exercises so that, as you progress, you have new exercises to do. Remember that PAIN is an indicator of an injury and should not be “worked through”. Fatigue or “the burn” is OK.



Ron says:

How do you know if you need to strengthen your knees?

serialtrainer says:

That would be something you should consult your physician about 🙂

Ron says:

But every time I go to my physician they tell me there’s something wrong with me!

If you consult your physician about your knee, you will only contribute to his BMW fund. Training knees starts with hip alignment. Your doctor will only look at your knees because he can’t bill you for looking at your mis-aligned hips. Crazy world… The funny thing is that most every doctor wouldn’t even know to look at your hips when you complain of knee pain.


Feel free to email me your questions about health/wellness/fitness/spirituality/or anything that will challenge me.

Ron says:

When I started having knee problems, the first thing that was suggested to me by the genius Serial Trainer was to stretch my hips flexors. That’s helped a great deal. I still have some knee issues, but they’re mostly weather-related.

serialtrainer says:

That’s very interesting information John. If that’s true, that is very sad to know. =/

Not too long ago, there was a law recently lifted from having a chiropractor adjust any joint other than the spine… It stemmed from a women who sued a chiropractor who worked on her knee and complained that it didn’t feel any better… soon, the insurance company got involved and asked the chiropractor why he worked on her knee and he replied, “thats where the issue was, not in the spine”. Because of that suit, which was actually a improperly submitted insurance billing code, all chiropractors were banned from working on joints outside of the spine.

When we leave healthcare up to the insurance companies, people will be doomed. Hence why I bill my clients directly. If they pay me out of pocket, they listen and do everything I say. If I was an insurance taker, clients would dismiss most of what I tell them to do.

Keeping people informed will only help our business thrive and slowly shut down the insurance and medical world. Remember, “specialist doctors know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing…”

~Paul Chek

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