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{August 17, 2008}   Mallrat

I thought I’d share this story with you guys. Yesterday, I went to the mall and — well, I’m a girl, OK? — I cannot pass the “sparkly store” without going and having a look. I ended up at a jewelry store browsing and the woman says, “I don’t mean to be personal but what is that on your arm?”

So I told her, I don’t mind her asking and went into the explanation of what it was. I must’ve been so enthusiastic about it because one of the other customers and the other salesperson walked over and started listening in.

Remember the rant I went on about how people would listen and then when you say how much it costs, they’d wrinkle their nose? Something amazing happened. And maybe it was because I’m in a jewelry store and people go in there with the intention of spending a larger amount of money but when I dropped the price tag on them, eye brows rose.

Not because they were turned off by it. No, they were surprised it wasn’t more. I jotted down the website for the BODYBUGG and of course my own site! The excitement in their eyes was great because they “got it”. The one guy even complained about how much his supplements cost and that, even with them, he had no idea how many calories he burned.

Just knowing that the BODYBUGG would help him with that gave him hope. The fact that it comes with menus was only a bonus. What I explained to him was that, eventually, he would learn how to eat because we’re creatures of habit. What we eat normally gets stored in the data base and so if you had the same thing you ate yesterday or eat the same breakfast everyday, you don’t have to keep adding that it in. It’s already there! You click that meal and bam! You’re done.

I walked out happy. I didn’t get any sparklies, though. But I gave someone hope to getting better and that’s all that matters. So hello to the salespeople at WEST OAKS MALL who I talked to and welcome to the site!


Ron says:

If you keep writing about your magical bodybugg, I might just end up caving in and getting one.

serialtrainer says:

You’ll be long overdue!

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