Serial Trainer

{August 24, 2008}   Health: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It!

One thing I’ve been proved right on, time and time again (much to the chagrin of those that fought me on it) was that being healthy wasn’t really that hard. It just took a person creating a habit of it.

I always advise people to exercise at the same time every day. This way, your body will help you along once you’ve done it for a week or two. Just the simple act of driving to the gym, going to the park for a walk, or even something as little as putting on your walking shoes at the same time every day will get your body in the habit of what it’s supposed to do.

It’s easy. No, really, it is. Buy an alarm clock. Set the alarm clock and try it for a week or two and then tell me if you’re not accustomed to it at the end of that time. I’ve even had clients tell me they feel bad if they don’t workout after about month of committing to it.

It is really only a matter of how much you want it, how much support you have to do it and you’re will power. If you have a good friend who will talk to you and work up your excitement to do your workout when you’re feeling less than excited about doing it, it can help counter you talking yourself out of doing it.

Keeping a motivational picture or outfit out where you’ll see it every day to remind you, helps as well. I tell people, take pictures. You don’t always see it in the mirror everyday so once a month, take your picture until you reach your goal! You’d be amazed at what you see.

Don’t complicate things. Simplify them so that your workouts are smart, fast and efficient but also make sure they are fun and constantly challenging. Find a playlist that gets you pumped and takes your mind off the clock. If you can get a buddy or even more than one buddy, it turns into a fun group activity. The more support you all have, the better.

One of my swim classes used to get together for a lunch once a week. If someone was missing, they were first to call them and get them back into the class before they could fall into a rut. Just knowing someone looks forward to seeing you and having fun is enough to keep you going.

As always, share any tips of your own with me! If you have any questions, toss them my way!


Ron says:

“I’ve even had clients tell me they feel bad if they don’t workout after about month of committing to it.”

If I miss one day a week I’m okay; when I miss that second or third day of working out is when I start to feel the creeping sensation of guilt.

Cupcake says:




PS – Thanks – I needed that today!

Jay says:

People tend to overcomplicate things. Simple habits are the key to success 🙂 Great post!

serialtrainer says:

Thanks for reading, Jay =)

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