Serial Trainer

{August 31, 2008}   Update: Aug. 31, 2008

I wanted to get on here and apologize to everyone for being scarce for the past week. School has begun and getting used to the class load has been chaotic at best. I’m working through another bi-polar swing which means that the world moves at a slower pace and even things as easy as breathing becomes labored.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what that has to do with training, working out, weight loss. So I’ll answer that as best as I can. It’s something that plagues a lot of us and will often times go undiagnosed. I’m not advocating medication nor more than I’m advocating not taking any medication. My personal preferrence is that I do not take the medication.

Most of the time, my disorder is manageable. Usually by severe force of will but I also attribute much of my success in managing it with staying physically fit. When I don’t get my workouts in, that’s when it’s the absolute worst for me. Oxygen is a primary and crucial part of the human make up. Without it, it causes chemical imbalances.

Please, let me make this clear right now. If you are suicidal or have a severe form of any disorder, follow your doctor’s advice just as I am.  If you’re supposed to be on medication and your doctor recommends it over trying to maintain your disorder with eating healthy, exercise, etc — please follow his/her directions. I don’t want anyone falling into something dangerous because they want to see if they can do this on their own.

I do not do this on my own. That’s the point.

But back to the subject; I’m taking 16 credit hours. That’s a full load of school work. On top of that, none of them are electives. They are all major classes. Psychology, English Composition, Math, US History, and Biology.

I am doing my best to juggle that and maintain this site so don’t worry that it’s falling apart if you don’t see something new in a couple days. What I’ll try to do is put up a couple posts in one day so you’ll still have to check in often ;).

To those of you that are new to my website, welcome!  To those of you that have been here since the beginning, thank you. You’re a big piece of why I’m still doing this!


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