Serial Trainer

{September 26, 2008}   Quickie Update: BodyBugg v3

I have heard, though I’m not confirmed, that the next version of the BodyBugg will be out in the first or second quarter of next year. =) I’m excited, aren’t you??

In other news, my lats hurt so bad that I pondered installing a nurse’s call button in my bathroom to get help pulling my own pants down. I can’t wait to see how freakish I look tomorrow. Thankfully, I have a doctor’s appt so if I need some degradation and help, there will be the pullstring within reach….if my shoulders allow range of motion.


{September 20, 2008}   Serial Trainer Vs. Ike

It was, without a doubt, a rough storm.  I’m very thankful and grateful that I did not get hit hard and at the same time, I feel badly for those that are still without power and who have suffered a huge amount of loss due to this hurricane.

Hurricane Ike pounded Houstonians into what looked like a war zone, but I want to tell you something.  I’ve seen such resilience in this city that I cannot explain in words.  It is something you cannot experience until you’ve been through it and seen it first hand.  Houston did not lie down

The day after the hurricane, people were outside, assessing damage and cleaning up ready to start the day as if it was just “another storm”.  I stared in awe.  I’ve never seen a block of people, walk outside, see trees down and windows blown, just shrug and get to work.  It was a sight that brought strength inside of me in one of those weird, sappy moments.

On that note….I started with my trainer, Lorenzo, on Tuesday.  I hadn’t done much besides long walks at night because of school starting and I didn’t have a working car.  So, no excuse to be had, I kept my eating light and my cardio usually consisted of walking my poor, small legged, half-Chow, half-Shepard, half-pint dog, Diesel.

I can tell you now, that Lorenzo honed in on my weaknesses like a true I mean, trainer, and got to work. The next day I could not walk without cursing him ..and then blessing him.  Please refer to my post on the humor page about the “Cat Scratch”.  I’m convinced he’s trying to break me.  And he almost has! 

Alas, he is Apollo and I am Rocky.  The dumb guy that keeps coming back for more beatings, screaming, “Ain’t so bad!”  And yes.  He pummels me some more.  But I know in the end, I will look great, so it’s all worth it.

He said to make sure I tell you guys the truth so no one else comes in thinking he’s nice.  Uh — He’s not nice.  He smiles.  But he’s not nice.  He’s a monster.  And I love him =)  Thanks Lorenzo.  For all of you that want to get your ass kicked, too.  He’s at the 24 Hour Fitness location on Dairy Ashford and Westheimer.  Bring water. Lots of it. And skip Gatorade. *ahem*


{September 12, 2008}   Wanted: More Hours in the Day

Hello, everyone!  I have not died, I promise. This semester of school has been crazy. I’m not exactly complaining because I like having a lot to do, but man it eats up my time. This week I have a Psych test, Math test, Biology test and a paper due. Now, I understand why they look at me crazy when I tell them I took 16 credit hours. None the less, I’m here and I am indeed alive, bracing for the hurricane. So what better way to pass my time than to update this site!?

The topic today is time. A mom of four rambunctious boys, I know the meaning of wishing for more hours in the day. To update you guys, I start with Lorenzo on Tuesday. I’m very excited. I’ll finally have “me time” where I don’t have take care of the world and myself. Someone else can take care of me for a change. After 15 years, I’m not sure I know how that works anymore.

I really need the outlet, too. I wanted to post about this because I really do know where you guys are coming from when you think you have no time. Trust me on this subject. I am trying to organize everything, just to get that time, and I’m learning to say, “no”.

Sometimes it’s more important to say, “no” than it is to say “yes”. You have to remember that people can and will survive without your help (sometimes, this does not apply to invalids/children and the like). Husbands and significant others can do things for themselves. Even children should be doing things for themselves (like cleaning) and if they don’t, you might want to focus on fixing that issue, first.

Consistency is the key to anything in life. You can make or break habits and it’ll take most of your time at first until it falls into place. Once it does, you will have a more stress free life. Don’t tackle things in one day. Take one day at a time and break larger projects down into parts. This is what has kept my sanity, all this time.

I used to try and do it all at once until I realized that if I’m unhappy, how can anyone else around me be happy? They can’t. And my health is too important to me to allow other people to impose on it. People, for the most part, have a survival mechanism. Sometimes it’s worn down but remember, if you’re the person willing to do more for someone else than yourself? There’s people out there willing to take advantage of it. And it doesn’t matter to them if you’re withering away.

Learn when you are more important than doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, laundry. It’ll still be there (believe me…it will) when you get back.

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