Serial Trainer

{October 3, 2008}   Life With Lorenzo

As many of you already know, I’ve picked up my own personal trainer.  I get a lot of odd looks when I tell them I’m a personal trainer with a trainer but then I explain that my circle of support is limited to my mother who lives 1.5 hours away, my son who I love to workout with but now has a job and school and our times never correlate with each other’s, and my friends whose goals are not the same as my own.  I guess it seems a little more comprehendable that I might opt for a trainer to keep me motivated.

Lorenzo, as (some of) you know, is my trainer and he’s the fitness manager at the 24 Hour Fitness club on Westheimer and Dairy Ashford. (I’m shameless with plugs, but only when deserving)  When Lorenzo isn’t making me lunge my life away, I love him.  He’s funny, always smiling (I think he’s smiling because I’m not) and doesn’t let me give up … even when my legs flat out refuse to keep lunging.

Lorenzo also likes to make sure that my shoulders burn like someone poured gasoline on them and tossed a match at me.  Ah, lactid acid.  Kryptonite to anyone in the fitness universe.  He, at least, finds me amusing.  Especially when I talk to my extremities and coax them to move even when they’ve clearly been left a few paces behind or outright refuse to cooperate.  Yesterday I tried to talk the opposite wall into moving closer (this didn’t work in case you’re wondering).  I think he just assumes I’m a little on the crazy side and that’s alright with me because it means he’ll just smile and nod..which would explain why he gets worried when I don’t talk enough during the sessions.  When I hear him chime in, “You’re a little quiet today, Lisa” it never ceases to make me snicker.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with my love-hate relationship with Lorenzo.  We smile and laugh while he abuses me.  I tell him he’s lucky because he’s the only man on Earth’s surface who can tell me what to do.  And even though I’m turning 35 this year, I’ll have the backside of a 20 year old — this makes me very, very happy. 

The bottom line is:  When a trainer tries to workout with friends or family it’s hard for us to get out of “trainer mode”.  That is to say, it’s hard for us not to try and correct and focus on someone else because that’s essentially our job.  We ensure you’re working out properly, safely, etc.  It also helps to have someone else’s perspective and I really respect Lorenzo’s knowledge.  I’m pretty creative as a trainer but he’s taught me a couple things I would’ve never thought of.  After 10+ years in this industry, I really wanted someone to take care of me, and he does.  So while I curse him out for not being able to properly squat over a toliet, I thank him for giving this full-time, pre-med student, mom of four, bipolar wacko her favorite hour of the day.

❤ Lorenzo!


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