Serial Trainer

{November 12, 2008}   Even the Mighty Can Fall

So with school I wasn’t doing too bad in keeping up with my workouts. However..(grumble), add in an entire move to another house just after a hurricane and you get ..well, you get bad things.

I haven’t been able to workout because immediately following school, I had to go home and wait for deliveries or run to the store to buy something, go to an office to sign something or just collapse from sheer lack of energy.  It’s also been a month of my birthday, my son’s birthday, followed by the beginning of November which is my mother’s birthday and my father’s birthday..oh and don’t forget the house warming party. (takes a breath)

So I called Lorenzo and I begged and pleaded for him to change my schedule because I used to live in a straight line from school to gym to home and could easily make it from one to the other with little problem. Now I live about 18 miles from school/gym and that poses a problem when my class ends at 9:30 and my training session was at 2 or 5.

Being my wonderful trainer, he was able to accomodate that and so starting today, I will be getting my butt kicked once more.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained at least 2-4 lbs and to those of you gawking at why that’s such a big deal, let’s remember I’m also 5’4 and 5lbs to me is like 10-15lbs to someone who isn’t vertically challenged.

I’ve had 2 papers due, one final exam, 2 biology tests, one math test — all due from the beginning of October until current place and time (November…and I’m pretty sure it’s something like the 12th, but I could be off by like..oh, say..a year?!). 

Time is like a distant memory.  I would not be so bold as to ask for another few hours in the day, that would only mean I’d have more to do.  As it stands right now, I shut down like clockwork at 10pm.  So that means there’s a mad rush between the hours of 6:30 AM and 10 to get -everything- done.  School, kids, laundry, housework, dinner, study, homework, solve world hunger…

I’m sure mom’s everywhere relate.

I’ve found that I look at this site and long for the time to write but what about?  I am working on a schedule of things and some research I can do, then picking one day a week when I can just focus on that issue.  Thank you for everyone that continues to come and peek at the page.  I haven’t forgotten you guys!  I’ll keep you posted on how bad — erm — how good my session goes today! 😉


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