Serial Trainer

{November 16, 2008}   On Your Mark…

I wanted to start this post out by saying that we all need a kick in the ass. Right? Right. So let’s do it. Our goal will be the New Year!

Everyone on board for a little inspiration raise your hand. I need to get back on track and so do you guys..or maybe you’ve hit a plateau or maybe you just need a new twist in your routine.  What I’m proposing is that we get on the ball..whether it’s the bosu or dynadisk!

Here’s the catch: You all have to participate, be active and be accountable, just like me..

So I’ll be posting my bodybugg results again, probably on a weekly basis and you guys can do the same if you have a bodybugg or any other results you can come up with. It can be a spreadsheet, powerpoint, notepad, etc.  Pick a goal and we’ll all work toward our own goal. The other part of participating will be that you all have to either give me a topic to address for the week or a question. 

So who is all in on this? Leave a comment and let me know!


Ron says:

I’m totally down. My goal is mostly to tone up my flabbiness and to get back to exercising on a regular basis again. My new goal is 185, and right now I’m about 192.

As for my topic, I’ll have to think about that one.

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