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{November 19, 2008}   Antioxidants: Superman of the Immune System

What the heck are antioxidants anyway?

To understand what they are and why there’s so much hype about them right now, we need to break down what goes on in our system.

In order for the many processes of our body to function, we need oxygen. Unfortunately for us, the oxygen in our atmosphere right now is full of pollution. In addition to the pollution, we also add things in like stress, alcohol, cigarette smoke and ..well..some peole add even more things to their body. Our bodies also have permeable skin and tissues so imagine all of the things we allow in everday.

The free-radicals in the air attack our healthy cells which leads to big scary things such as cancer, and can also be the cause of much less talked about health issues such as cataracts, heart disease and some forms of chronic diseases.

Antioxidants are the super heroes of our immune system because they fight off these oxidants (or free radicals) and help keep  our healthy cells from harmful mutations.

Antioxidants can be found in tea, however, I’m reading studies now that adding milk to your tea can break down the antioxidants so try to have at least one cup a day without milk. Other sources for antioxidants are: grapes, wines, teas, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, red peppers, carrots..anything high in vitamin A and containing beta-carotenes.

If you’re not one to eat your veggies, you should look into finding a supplement that will give you a boost (is it any surprise I’ll toss out that APEX carries one? =D).

Leading a healthy lifestyle means protecting what you have now and possibly future generations if you are thinking of having children. It is a known fact that parents pass on their genetics to their children. Outside of avoiding drug and alchohol use, be sure that if you’re thinking about having children, you give them the best possible start..and that means healthy parents.

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