Serial Trainer

{November 27, 2008}   Thanksgiving, 2008!

I wanted to take this time, during the digestion of all the wonderful food I had today, to give you all my warm wishes this Thanksgiving. For everyone who visits and keeps this site so active, old and new, thank you! It means a lot that you are watching.

In addition to those that read my blog daily, I wish to thank Lorenzo, my trainer for kicking my ass extra hard yesterday. I have a lot of fun (even though he hurts me…on purpose) working with him which keeps me motivated to come in for more beatings, every week.

My family, for being supportive as well. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am, today.

My best friends for not allowing me to talk myself out of things I really want.

And..even though he’s one of my best friends, I wanted to thank Ron for faithfully reading these and commenting so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself. =)

Much love to everyone! Happy Thanksgiving.


Ron says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! You’ll be glad to know I behaved today!

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