Serial Trainer

I know that my time on here has been rare and when I do feel the compulsion to update it’s usually for a good reason. Some of you may be wondering why I shower Apex with praises. The following article will help you understand (hopefully).

A California Company has recently launched an interesting new product which may signal a major breakthrough in weight loss. The company, Sensa,, came up with an innovative way to convince the brain to stop overeating.

First the theory behind the product. The obvious fact is that we eat too much.  But why?  It turns out that’s the way our brains are programmed.  Throughout our evolutionary history, food has been scarce, so in order to ensure survival, humans have been conditioned to eat as much as they can whenever food is available.  Unfortunately, when food is abundant and rich in calories, as it is today, the results can be ugly.  (

Are they seriously trying to market this as a break-through? I learned this in APEX’s basic CPT (certified personal trainer) course 5 years back! Want some good advice? When you can’t afford a trainer (or even if you can) you should always educate yourself. Know your body and how it works. Don’t be lazy and take responsibility.  They don’t pay me to put their link on here. But I’ve proven time and time again, any answer that comes out “OMG NEW BREAKTHROUGH!!” they’ve covered it a long time ago. When they lose credibility I’ll believe in Santa Clause.


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