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Do you work at 24 hour fitness? If so, what do they charge for training for 10 pack? And, what is the split?

I’ve been out of the gym business for a while and I was just curious.


serialtrainer says:

I’m not currently employed by 24 Hour Fitness. I can only tell you to look around at the clubs near you because depending on the club you go to, the prices will vary. (demographics, thing)

Their prices are very reasonable, though. A lot less than hiring one outside of a gym.

I just added another personal training studio to my network. They offer very reasonable prices for a very high end facility. I was shocked to hear how little they charged. I asked them if it would be a problem working there since I charge double their rate. Due to my years of actual experience and not just years wasted working, I’ve found that if I don’t charge top dollar, people just don’t care to listen to what I’m teaching them. Also known as “energy vampires”. I’ve had a long discussion with Paul Chek in one of his teleconferences regarding energy vampire clients. Those are the clients that take all your energy to work with and you get nowhere with, but every week they are there to demand all your effort to help them with no return on your energy investment. He suggested to me that the more I charge, the smarter the vampires are that I will attract. I’ve noticed that as soon as I hit the $120 mark. Paul’s best advice was to sit down with these clients up front and ask them, “what dream will you fulfill by hiring me”? If they say loose weight and fix their aches and pains, then you have a verbal contract with them when you ask them to do everything you say to do as long as you promise to uphold your end of the deal. So, when they go off on a tangent about their love life sucks and they can’t stand their kids choices in life, you can remind them why you are there with them. To uphold your promises.

Oh, go check out my new studio space. They have this new $40,000 peice of equipment that will blow your mind.

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serialtrainer says:

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m glad that you like the site. Also a note of thanks for commenting! As far as forums go, I had thought about it but haven’t approached the idea I just may 😉

Happy Holidays!

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serialtrainer says:


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