Serial Trainer

I stopped picking up a lot of the fitness magazines that I used to love. Let me tell you why:

My first reason is that they are cutting back on the quality of information and recycling it in future issues. I remember picking up a magazine that I won’t name (not so much into slander these days, sorry) and seeing beautiful depicted anatomy pictures. You have to know what you’re working on in order to know what you’re doing, folks. I don’t expect you to know all the “big names” of muscles but it’s nice to physically see how that anatomy works.

Is it just me or are people too trusting these days? Let me get on a little soap box about this before I continue ..

You go to a health club. You decide you need some ask for a personal trainer. You walk in for your first session and your personal trainer shows up and is maybe 19. Maybe. Male or female, they have a great body. Pause.

How many 19 year olds DON’T have a great body??  Ask them what THEY ate for lunch and it’ll probably be something like “Subway 6 inch sub with chips and a diet coke” or..even worse…”Pizza”. Now ..before panties get in a bunch, this is not the BIBLE of scenarios but this is typical. I’m 37 years old. If I eat a subway sandwhich with chips and a coke everyday for lunch, I’m gaining at least 5lbs by the end of the week.

Let’s also point out that they work in a health club. They train people all day. That’s moving around, demonstrating exercises and running back and forth between protein bars. It’s the same concept as The Biggest Loser. Those people spend their day being active in a controlled environment with cooked meals. It’s an amazing transformation and they work VERY hard, but the average person doesn’t achieve those kinds of results for a reason. Note that you shouldn’t be discouraged by this NOR should you use it as an excuse. It’s just a reality check.

Now back to my beef :

I understand that in order to stay in business, there has to be advertisers. But when I’m paying $4 for a magazine, I don’t want to have more than half of it be advertising …and most of all, for things that aren’t related to health! There has to be a better idea than posting 12 full page advertising ads in between “Building better abs” and “Gorgeous Glutes”.

I don’t care what the latest sexual stimulant is. I don’t care about Bat-dung based supplements. I want to see REAL people, in real fitness gear, in real life situations coming out on top. I’m tired of seeing celebrities who have money for the luxuries of 5 day a week personal trainers, on call chefs, swimming pools in their bedrooms and liposuction on “bad months” when they couldn’t do it themselves. I want to see real struggles. Fall on your face for us, but get the hell back up and show us we can too.

And for the love of all things holy, stop putting the “Increase Breast Size Cream” ads in your magazine!!


{August 1, 2008}   Workout for Thighs

Walking Lunges are by far my favorite exercise for the lower body and for getting that heart rate up. So here is the exercise, described in detail for you. As always, please consult a physician before performing any exercises.

Body parts worked: Rectus Femoris, Thigh, Hamstrings, Quadricep, Calf, Gastrocnemius, Lower Body

How to perform the exercise: To begin a walking lunge stand upright with or without weights in your hands. Keep your shoulders over your hips and engage your core by drawing your navel toward your spine. Now take a lunge forward while never letting your knee go past the toe of the leg in front. Once at the bottom of the lunge (not touching the floor), push off with the back foot and then approach the standing position. Repeat with the other leg. Make sure to breath out on the way up and breathe in on the actual lunge.


{July 30, 2008}   two heads are better than one

Musculus Biceps Femoris: better known as the back of the thigh or hamstring. It has two heads of origin; the long head and the short head. Both heads of the bicep femoris perform knee flexion (think of the “Thinking Man”. He’s in a flexion pose.) and also hip flexion.

A good workout for the bicep femoris, is the stability ball bridge. For those of you who are still beginners, you can perform this exercise safely and easily on the floor.

Step 1: With legs shoulder width apart, rest the bottoms of your feet on the stability ball. If you do not have a stability ball, you can get similar results doing this with a chair. Stability balls are pretty self explanatory. They are working on your stability and ability to balance on a moving object, therefore working more muscles and burning more calories than a non-moving object.

Step 2: Keeping the ball in place, slowly lift your glutes (your buns!) off the floor so that your hips, shoulders and knees are in line. Hold for 5-10 seconds, squeezing the glute muscles and then slowly return your hips to the floor and repeat. On the upward motion you would breathe out and on the downward motion, breathe in.

Make sure your arms are at your side to help brace you. If you’ve progressed from the floor or stable object like a chair, you can start this exercise by putting the ball against the wall until you’ve mastered at least 1-2 reps.

This exercise will give you nice hamstrings and will also give your bum a great lift! Remember, as always, check with your doctor before performing any exercise and if you feel pain, stop immediately.

et cetera