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{August 17, 2008}   Muscle Milk, mmmmm.

One of the other products I really enjoy is Cytosport’s MUSCLE MILK. I have to honestly say, that until APEX came out with their workout shakes, this was hand’s down my favorite workout drink. I stock up on both now.

Muscle Milk is great during workouts, I feel like I maintain or sometimes even go above what I normally do without it. So it’s a nice boost without feeling weighed down. I actually drink a little before I start, a little during and then finish it off when I’m done. It doesn’t have that powdery texture that other workout shakes usually do and the!

I usually buy the pre-made shakes but that’s not to say that the powder form is not good, as well. I can do either. I just hate to clean the cups after, haha!  I can say that when I used Muscle Milk as my meal replacement, I felt full and satisfied until my next meal and maintained a nice pepped feeling.

The best part is, it comes in LIGHT and Regular formulas. So if you’re trying to ADD calories, it’s a great source but they haven’t forgotten us calorie counters!

Benefits of using Muscle Milk Light® Ready-to-Drink

Control your cravings: Muscle Milk Light fuels your body and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, to stop hunger attacks in their tracks.

Good nutrition, great taste: Formulated for sustained energy and satisfaction, with a complete balance of protein and fats that promote lean muscle development.

Less is more: Muscle Milk Light builds on the proven science in original Muscle Milk, yet cuts fat and calories to promote better intelligent weight management.

3 ways to fill the gaps in your daily diet: New Muscle Milk Light RTD is available in 3 user-approved flavors, to satisfy your need for energy and your desire for great taste.

Best ways to use Muscle Milk Light® Ready-to-Drink

All-around: Integrated daily: Muscle Milk Light is a satisfying way to balance out the energy rollercoaster of your busy day at work, in the gym, or at play. Drink some mid-morning and mid-afternoon to avoid the loss of focus and fatigue that often result from low blood sugar levels.

Benefits of using Muscle Milk®

Efficient Energy Production: Lean LipidsTM are special fats that are easily mobilized for workout energy, enhance your body’s fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis, anti-inflammatory effects and mineral retention.

Muscle Growth and Repair: EvoProTM is a complex ratio of proteins, peptides and amino acids designed to replicate the amazing benefits of mother’s milk for rapid tissue growth and repair.

Best ways to use Muscle Milk®

Before: Take one serving of Muscle Milk® one hour prior to training. Muscle Milk provides the caloric energy needed for intense workouts while flooding nutrients to hungry muscles.

After: Take Muscle Milk® within 30 minutes after workouts, games or events to shift the body from catabolic to anabolic. Muscle Milk provides nutrients to kick start the recovery process.


I challenge you to try the Muscle Milk because I think you’ll find that it’s a nice “treat” to reward your hard workouts. I even had a friend who I was helping to lose weight via internet tell me that he loved to have one at night when he came home from a long day. He works as an architecht so there were times he wouldn’t get to workout until really late and he’d drink a shake after as his “chocolate fix” for the day. It becomes something you look forward to instead of something you try to drink as fast as you can so you don’t taste it.



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