Serial Trainer

{September 16, 2012}   Afraid of Commitment?

No, not really. But having done this for awhile I think I got caught up, as most of us do, in the bustle of life. And you know what? It caught up to me. Having always really been healthy and battling weight management for years when I got sick, then getting back on track, only to get sick again. This time, though it was something I never really could’ve seen coming.

Most of us are aware of dangers out there; Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. So I always wanted to avoid that. I already have so many things that are hereditary, I didn’t want to face those things down without a battle as I got older.

Now, though, I am facing something else. Migraines. And not just regular migraines. Complex compound migraines that happen nearly every week. I mean, what the hell right? I realized that they were coming more and more frequently and I thought it was out of control. Went to my Dr. and he thought maybe sinusitis. We weren’t sure. (Maybe he thought I was a hypochondriac? lol)  So with no relief in sight I went to a headache specialist. The MRI confirmed that not only did I have these Monster Migraines which were causing vertigo, memory loss and other nasty things — I had three additional triggers that would spurn them on with a fury.

The anger I felt at the betrayal of my body was/is ridiculous. I worked out, I ate well — what more does it want??  Somewhere down the line I ended up acquiring a cyst in my nasal cavity, and c-1 through c-8 compression/herniated discs? I have NO idea how/when that happened. (Of course I’ll lie at the campfire and say I lived a rockstar life ..hey..I need some compensation!)

So here I am. Depressed (again). Immobile (again). And creeping up in my weight. I had just gotten on track with the Insanity workout and was loving it (still recommend it by the way..go kick your ass with it). Now I am staring at my clothes wondering how I let myself get to this point (again).

You see? Trainers aren’t all perfect. There are some Terminators out there, but honestly, we’re mostly human. I can no more change what happened to me then I could stop the orbit of the earth. If I didn’t have the compressions, I’d still have the cyst in my nasal cavity, the sinusitis, and the migraines.

But I’m not going down without a fight. I licked my wounds long enough. 4 weeks of them telling me “No” to anything strenuous and I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. So WITH my Dr’s approval, I’m getting my life back. I have medicine to help me deal with the migraines and I will not wither away. This is your call out. Whatever is getting you down, deal with it. No, not “deal with it” in a snotty, negative, careless way. DEAL WITH IT in an empowered, take-your-life-back way. Find out what your Dr’s plans are for you and make the most of it. Take advantage of it. Research your ailment and then dust yourself off and get back in the saddle.

I’ve got nothing but time, now. So it’s you and me (again), baby.


{October 10, 2008}   Weigh In: 30%

I weighed in yesterday with Lorenzo.  The numbers are decent.  I’m at 30% of my goal in just two weeks of work.  With school and kids, I have been cheating myself of cardio so Lorenzo made sure I got it in yesterday.  I’m so very thankful — even if I’m saying it in a monotonous, flat tone of voice. =D

If I can pull myself out of the zombie state I am usually in after school I can get better results.  The winter is coming (do we have winter in Texas?) and I can feel that depressive state creeping up on me.  None the less, I’m keeping motivated.  My birthday and Halloween is my goal.  What can I say?  I’m an Autumn baby and it’s my favorite time of the year.

So to recap:  Birthday is October 19 (sound the panic buttons) and Halloween is October 31. Today is the 9th and that means my first milestone I have less than 10 days to really work.

It’s been nice having someone push me when I felt like going home and crawling into bed, though.  Believe me, I’ve thought about it plenty of times but I really want to hit my goal.  I’m a very stubborn woman, anyone that really knows me is shaking their head so hard we might have a whiplash epidemic.  If I want something, I don’t settle until I have it, so this needs to happen. LoL

I want to also apologize for not adding more stuff on here other than small updates.  I will try to be more active on it once I finish off one of my classes (it’s a short term for one) which ends approx around my birthday, incidentally. 

I haven’t forgotten you guys, I promise!



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