Serial Trainer

{December 22, 2010}   Zombie apocalypse

What!? It could happen..right?

And if it did would you be in shape? Think about all that walking and running and bat swinging. Think about the stairs you’d have to climb to get to the top floor. And what about having no sleep or food to fuel you.

This is your zombie survival guide.

Rule 1. No matter how slow the zombie is he’ll always be right behind you. So set that treadmill for moderate intensity and settle in for the long hall. Oh yeah ..and don’t look back.

Rule 2. If you’re fit you’re lean cut steak..don’t think you’re exempt from the zombie palate.

Rule 3. Zombies travel in large packs seemingly always catching you when you’re away or alone..remember that when your workout partner ditches must be prepared to go at it alone.

Rule 4. Zombies don’t care if its Monday and national chest day..if you can’t swing a club or bat repeatedly for 20 min you will probably die.

Rule 5. If you are what you eat…zombies like chips and McDonald’s ..just saying..

More on the zombie apocalypse later…its time to hit the treadmill


{December 20, 2010}   Amazing technology

So I got this WordPress app for my cellphone which basically allows me to update my site on my phone. This is awesome for me because I really have an aversion to being chained to the computer as of late.

I’ve joined another gym. I still love 24 hour fitness but I feel obliged to try other facilities. 19 fitness is a pretty basic gym but I really like it so far. It’s quiet. I get in, do what I need to then get out.

I did chest today do boycott the normal “national chest day” which is usually Monday for nearly everyone.

What did you workout? Leave your comments for a chance at free stuff!!

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